Loveland Legacy

First let’s address what is planned giving? Planned giving is a way to invest in the future of a charitable organization without having to write out a check today… in essence, leaving your legacy to the organization. There are three main ways to make a planned gift:

1. Bequests = naming Loveland Center in your will or testamentary trust
2. Income Producing For You= Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder trusts are both a way to support a non-profit that allows you to receive income during your lifetime. You receive money over time, then at the expiration of your gift, the remaining funds transfer to the non-profit.
3. Wealth Transfer= Basically the opposite of the Incoming Producing options. With wealth transfer (Lead Trust and Life Estate), the non-profit receives money over the course of the gift. Then at the expiration of your gift, your heirs will receive the remaining balance of the gift funds.

Planned gifts may be given directly to Loveland Center to be used for annual operational expenses, or they may be directed to Loveland Center’s endowment (as described above).Donors who provide documentation of a planned gift to Loveland Center will be recognized as a member of Loveland Center’s Legacy Society.

Please consult your financial advisor when considering any type of Planned Gift. Loveland Center does not offer financial advice or counseling. We are very happy to work with you and your financial planner to set up whatever type of planned gift is right for you and your family. Please contact Aimee Holmes or 941-493-0016 Ext. 307 if you would like information to provide your financial advisor.

*Please let us know if you have made a planned gift to Loveland!
Email or call 941-493-0016 Ext. 307.

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