The Adult Day Training program begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m. Loveland Center closes for major holidays and In-Service days. Visit our Calendar to view all holidays and closures.
No, Loveland Center does not provide transportation to or from the ADT program. Transportation can be arranged through SCAT+ or though private service providers. Visit our Community Resources page for a full list of transportation providers.
Loveland Center offers a wide variety of classes. Visit our Classes page for a full list and detailed descriptions of what is available to students.
Some students do! The Detert Residences opened in June of 2016, and more than 30 adults with I/DD who live at the Residences, walk to class in the mornings and home in the afternoons. To learn more about the Residences, click here.
Loveland does not supply food for the ADT students. Students are required to bring their own lunches to ensure that their specific dietary needs are being met.
We are committed to continuously growing community integration opportunities for everyone we serve. To accomplish this, Loveland partners with many organizations. Students can participate in Loveland Follies through Venice Theatre, AKtion Club through the local Kiwanis clubs, and various trips and athletic opportunities.
Students have the opportunity to seek employment in the community if they so choose through the EmployAbilities program. Students can also volunteer at different community organizations though the Supported Volunteering Program.
Loveland Center serves adults with developmental disabilities. The minimum age for enrollment is 18 years old.
Yes! The Lovelanders are a not-for profit organization that provides assistance and support for students at Loveland Center. The Lovelanders are open to everyone, not just parents or family. Visit the Lovelanders page to see them in action.
Yes, Loveland Center welcomes all who would like to volunteer. To volunteer, contact Kathleen Maloney, kmaloney@lovelandcenter.com.
All possible measures are taken to maintain a safe environment. Loveland Center puts the safety and wellbeing of the student above all else.
In the main ADT program, there is a 10:1 student to instructor ratio. In ADT self-contained classorm, the ratio is 5:1. To get a more in-depth view into our programs, visit our Programs and Services page.