The EmployAbilities Program is designed to support individuals with I/DD interested in obtaining paid employment in the community and employers who strive to build inclusive workforces. Supported Employment Coaches provide individual assistance to each participant in finding job vacancies and completing resumes, applications and interviews. After the participant is hired, the job coach works side-by-side with him/her for a period of time. This on-the-job training helps to ensure proper workplace communication and safety. Our individualized approach allows us to customize our services to meet the needs and goals of both the individuals served and their employers.


When an individual is seeking employment they are partnered with a job coach. The job coach provides any or all of the following support:

  • Employment assessments to determine program participant and employer interests
  • Job search and placement
  • On-the-job training
  • Follow-up job coaching and support
  • Ongoing communication with employers
  • Assistance with arranging transportation

Additional employer benefits:

  • No cost on-the-job training and follow-up services
  • Information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Tax credit benefits
  • An inclusive workforce and positive organizational culture

Work is part of our identity. When we feel good about having a job, we often see ourselves in a more positive way. Work provides structure and routines. Job income gives us more choices, about what to buy, where to live, and gives us a chance to build savings. Through employment, adults with developmental disabilities gain valuable experiences where they earn their own money and greater independence.