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March is National Nutrition Month


March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness month and it is also National Nutrition Month. It is a great way to help educate and inform people all over the US about the importance of creating healthy eating habits, making more informed food choices and increasing physical activity. This is especially important for individuals living with an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD). It’s been shown that individuals with an I/DD have a higher prevalence for obesity, which can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and other preventable health issues.

Learning more about nutrition and what types of foods to eat can make a huge impact in your overall health. Dr. Maria Rometo from University of Florida, Family and Consumer Sciences Department gave us a great dynamic presentation about nutrition and taught us ways in which we can make healthier choices.

Small changes to the foods you consume can also make a significant imprint in your health over time. Many resources are available through Loveland Center’s Health & Safety class that help individuals to be more educated about the foods they choose, portion sizes and ways to improve fitness levels to help reduce obesity and many of its related preventable illnesses.