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May 2012 Newsletter

Meet Travis

travis polariod no wordsTravis attended the Goodwill Foundation Fashion without Barriers fundraiser on May 8th as a Loveland Center representative and also as a Goodwill employee. Travis has been working full-time at Goodwill for over 9 years! He started working there as a Donor Greeter and tried various positions in the retail store to grasp a better understanding of how the store operates. He now enjoys monitoring the dressing room because it provides him with the responsibility of counting and ensuring all items are returned. He appreciates the accountability this position requires.

In his free time, Travis loves watching wrestling on TV and horseback riding. He is very involved with his church group, and saves his money all year to attend a weeklong overnight camp with the church. At the camp, Travis participates in rock wall climbing and likes staying in the cabins.

Travis just moved into a new apartment in North Port. He previously lived in low-income housing and set a personal goal to move into a new place this year. To obtain this goal, he was very careful with his spending and saved up all year to budget for this change. He has become a very thrifty shopper, which is a result of the training he’s received from his Job Coach, Morgan, and his Supported Living Coach. When Travis first started working with Morgan, he was extremely shy and reserved. He rarely looked anyone in the eye.  As a result of his training with Morgan and his job in the community, Travis has since blossomed. He stands up for himself and is much more assertive. Constantly speaking with customers at work has taught him these skills.
We are so pleased with the progress Travis has made, and wish him a week of fun filled activities at camp this month!




$1 Million for Loveland
Loveland Center students and staff erupted in cheers on April 17th when we received news of being accepted into the 2012-13 Florida State Budget. Gov. Rick Scott approved the request for $1 Million to be used for the Loveland Village project. The Village will provide an affordable and safe apartment complex for our students and adults with developmental disabilities. The $1 Million requested was for non-operational funds that we will use to develop the land. The next phase of fundraising will be constructing the buildings.


Our students have been looking forward to the idea of the proposed village for the past 6 years. When we asked how they felt about being one step closer to building the village, their eyes lit up with excitement. Joey, a student who has been a supporter of the Village for many years, says, “I want to live there because it will be my own space. I’ll put my Special Olympics trophies on a shelf and show off my collections.” What is so exciting about this project is that it’s the first of its kind in the nation! Group homes are common, but the Loveland Village will consist of apartments ranging from 1-4 bedrooms with a comfortable living room, a kitchen and bathroom. Residents will have direct access to our campus, which is within walking distance. For many students, transportation costs can be as high as $100 per day, which is ironically more than the cost to attend Loveland’s Adult Day Training program! We want to extend a big thank you to Senator Nancy Detert, who has been a devoted supporter of Loveland Center, and  those who rallied around her to make this happen. In addition, we would also like to thank Governor Scott for recognizing the need for such a project in our state. The Village has an estimated price tag of $9 Million.

Upon completion, it will save Florida approximately $1 Million in Medicaid Waiver transportation costs every year.
To learn more about The Village or how to help, email us at .