How it works:

The Detert Residences were developed to meet the growing needs for a supportive, affordable, and safe residential option in our community. The Detert Residences at Loveland Village are a unique residential model, focused on increasing independence, providing affordability, while also maximizing choice for each individual tenant.

Loveland partnered with Community Assisted and Supported Living (CASL, Inc) to provide property management services for the Residences. This adds a layer of protection for every tenant, who hold annual leases for their units, and have property maintenance and troubleshooting support from the property managers. A 10,000 sq ft clubhouse, the Lamoureux Clubhouse, serves as the hub for residential activities provided through Loveland Village’s Recreation Coordinator.

The Residences are considered to be income-based housing, and each tenant must go through an income certification to verify they meet qualification standards. A majority of tenants fall below 35% of Sarasota County’s Area Median Income. On average, this means that the tenants with I/DD have annual income of less than $14,400.

To ensure safety for residents, the Residences have 24 hour security services. This means that the apartment buildings are equipped with cameras, as well as an on-site staff member (the property manager or a security guard). Guests must check in at the property manager’s office and provide identification. Tenants enter each building using biometric readers (thumbprints), and have a list of their selected guests who can do the same. While we cannot prevent every safety situation, we are committed to provide means of deterring any abuse, neglect, or exploitation for residents.

Who provides support services:

In the best interest of every tenant with an I/DD, support services are provided by third party agencies or caregivers, unrelated to Loveland Village or CASL, Inc. There is a lot of diversity in the needs of each individual who resides at the Residences. Some rent a 1 bedroom unit with no support services in their units. They simply have an affordable and accessible unit that allows them the ability to live independently. Others live in a 2 bedroom unit with a full time live in caregiver. In some cases, this caregiver may be a parent; in other cases, the caregiver is a support staff member paid for through the iBudget; others have private pay caregivers they have choices. Ultimately, it is up to each tenant and their individual needs to choose what level of support works best for them. By selecting caregivers from outside entities, tenants have full flexibility to hire or fire whoever they choose, without fear that their residential option will be compromised.

Residential Eligibility

Loveland Center reserves the right to change or alter the entrance criteria based upon the best interests of the residents of the Village.

Residents must be

  • A minimum of 18 years of age and have an Intellectual or Developmental Disability (I/DD) as defined by Florida’s Agency for Persons with Disabilities, or
  • A family, where a member has been diagnosed with a I/DD, or
  • A community member who can provide a verifiable service to individuals with an I/DD.
  • Adhere to our background screening policy (with no criminal convictions in the past 10 years.)
  • Ability to live safely and independently or have a support system in place to live independently
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