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Sawgrass gives to Loveland

The Giving Tree Program of Sawgrass community in Venice planned their yearly Bingo fundraising event for February this year, and Loveland Village was chosen as the beneficiary. Sawgrass resident Hank Sarnecke has been an usher and house manager for the Loveland Follies, and he also helps with an exercise program every Friday morning at Loveland. Barb Wilson who is a student at Loveland is also a resident of Sawgrass.

Hank and Barbara Snyder were the co-callers at the Bingo event and they had a great turnout of 50-60 residents and guests, raising $536 for Loveland. Loveland student Emily Salvucci and her family participated in the Bingo event, at the invitation of one of the Sawgrass residents.

Hank and Ann Hart of the Giving Tree committee presented the donation on behalf of Nancy Simmonds, the Chair of the Giving Tree program committee, on March 16 to Loveland’s Chief Development Officer Rafael Robles and part-time receptionist, and former student, Shea Becker.

We are so thankful for the support of The Giving Tree of Sawgrass!