Loveland Offers Homeownership to Individuals with I/DD

In July 2016, David Williams moved into the Nancy Detert Residences at Loveland Village. Diagnosed at birth with craniosynostosis, David had undergone multiple surgeries and therapies. Supported by the loving care of his family, David graduated high school and has been successfully employed in his community. His day training at Loveland Center helps David thrive through goal-setting and interactive programs.

“We have never seen David so excited since he became a Loveland Creates Theatre participant. He tells us about his role as Jonnie [in the upcoming The Incredible Bulk at Bikini Beach, opening on Wednesday, August 23rd],” shared David Williams, Sr., a former President of the Loveland Board of Directors. “He enjoys attending recreational services being offered to the Nancy Detert Residences residents, so he goes to the movies, shopping, bowling, and to the beach. All these activities equate to participation, inclusion, and development.” David also enjoys going to a farm weekly and cleaning the animal stalls and repairing fencing. It instills a sense of pride and accomplishment by helping the abandoned and rescued animals.

What’s next? Home ownership.

When David’s father learned of the Home of Your Own project, he was eager to learn more.

“For David, owning a Villa is a dream. Home ownership would give us lasting peace at this stage of our life and lift all our anxiety as to what will happen to our son when we are gone. He will be in the right place, surrounded by  friends and with all the necessary supports in an active community. The Villas community will strengthen his life skills with the families and senior population interacting with individuals like David, and vice versa.” Over the course of three years, the Williams family has been instrumental in helping Loveland’s team of administrators, architecture and construction firms, and building committee define what “home” means to David…and his future neighbors in the Villas.

“David is eager to take on the responsibilities of ownership and the significant changes of the social effects,” David Sr. said. “David is ready to accept all the challenges that come with ownership. This endeavor will be life-changing for David and provide a new life for us.”

If you are interested in housing or helping build a home for an individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities, contact Krystal Heater at If you seek information on investing in/donating to the Home of Your Own Project, contact Camille Cline at