Loveland North Port Takes Overall Decor Award

On Wednesday, December 21, arbiters of taste and style visited Loveland Center’s four locations in order to judge the BEST Holiday Door and Overall Decorations, and celebrate Christmas with Loveland Bradenton participants and staff on their final stop.

Winners of the door decorating contest:

Best Lights – Port Charlotte: The North Pole
Best Represents Loveland – Port Charlotte: Charlie Brown
Best Display – Port Charlotte: Fireplace
Best Lights – North Port: Fireplace
Best Represents Loveland – North Port: We Put The Love in Loveland
Best Display – North Port: Fireplace
Best Lights – Venice: Building C, Gingerbread Men and Hanukkah Hallway
Best Represents Loveland – Venice: Building C Tree and Letters Display
Best Display -Venice: Building D, Snow Flakes and Holiday Town
Best Represents Loveland – Bradenton: Rainbow Room
Best Display – Bradenton: CandyLand Room
OVERALL Decorated Location: North Port