Meet Luke McFatrich – Loveland Players Manager

Luke McFatrich is the Loveland Players Manager, which means he is the program manager for “Loveland Creates,” The Loveland Center’s new arts-focused Adult Day Training program. He works one-on-one with Loveland’s participants in the theatre program and supports them in their visual arts and music activities as well.

Luke saw first-hand the work Loveland does with their participants through the former Loveland Follies program and loved it. He has always been passionate about making theatre and the arts accessible to anyone who wants or needs it, so coming to Loveland to facilitate this expanded programming seemed like a great fit for him.

“Getting to see how excited our participants are about being creative is my favorite part of the job,” shared Luke, “Working in theatre professionally can make it lose some of its magic, but seeing how excited the participants are to tell stories onstage and create art is extremely refreshing and rewarding.”
Luke is looking forward to empowering our participants through their work in theatre, giving them opportunities to learn new skills, and seeing them shine onstage. As for specific events, he is excited about our first show coming up this August and for The Loveland Store to open later this year.

When asked what his advice would be, Luke said, “At 25, I feel that listening is extremely important. Like actually listening with the intention of understanding what someone has to say, where they come from, where they want to go, and what they stand for.”