Meet Eric Bowden – Occupational Therapist

I perform a therapeutic process called occupational therapy. Occupational therapists work in schools, hospitals and rehab centers, skilled nursing facilities, in people homes, and with organizations like Loveland Center to maximize independence. Whether that means improving strength and balance for safely working at the kitchen counter or basic knife strategies when cutting an apple or slicing a baguette, occupational therapy helps to expand a person’s choice options and improve the outcomes of those choices.

Loveland Center’s mission is “to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities live their lives to the fullest.” Occupational therapy goals are therefore explicitly supported at the highest level of the organization. Having that support is akin to getting a pat on the back every minute of the day.

The great variety of participants’ interests and the range of appropriate activities that we can work on means that my day is always different and I can always learn something new as we grow together.

I am looking forward to building our therapy program and staff to be able to consistently serve the Bradenton campus. My advice?


1. Try it.

2. Think about how you can do it differently or better.

3. Try it again.