Meet V.J. Anderson Community Engagement Manager – Venice & Sarasota

When asked what drew her to Loveland Center, V.J. responded that she has a strong, motivated desire to improve the lives of people with disabilities and those who serve them. Due to that desire and her past professional and personal experiences with individuals with disabilities and non-profit organizations, Loveland seemed like a perfect fit for her.

Her favorite thing about working with our families, volunteers, and donors? She looks forward to spending time with and getting to know our participants and their families more. The shared passion for our community is what she feels she connects with when interacting with families, volunteers, and donors.

V.J. is excited to get to know all of the individuals who are a part of Loveland as well as share all Loveland Center has to offer with the communities of Venice and Sarasota. Finally, she is excited to be a part of Loveland’s 15th Annual BBQ in December!  

Her favorite piece of advice? Remember that just because someone cannot communicate doesn’t mean they do not have something to say. Behavior is a form of communication. Remember that everyone has a story so take time to get to know the stories of those around us.