Plantation Foundation Visits Loveland with Hope to Give Participants a Kitchen in Building D

Plantation Community Foundation Grant Committee Member Betty Carpentier visited Loveland Center Venice in January and toured our campus with VP of Programs Becca Eldredge. With the support of The Plantation Community Foundation, Loveland hopes to retrofit a current program room into a kitchenette and dining space in Building D. In order to ensure the safety of all participants, Loveland Center Venice recently relocated a participant program to Building D, which does not currently have a kitchen space. The kitchenette would allow individuals to practice cooking and cleaning skills, provide individuals and staff with a dishwasher to sanitize food service utensils and dishware, redo the floors to make spills easy to clean up, help participants work on their cleaning skills, and more.

Future kitchenette and dining space in Building D

The Plantation Community Foundation’s Betty Carpentier visits with a participant receiving PT from Physical Therapist Mark Ionnatti