Empower – Residential Services

At Loveland Village, we believe that everyone has the right to and can live independently in the community when provided the right supports. We provide multiple choices of independent living models to the individuals we serve.

The Nancy Detert Residences at Loveland Village consist of 3 apartment buildings with 42 units that provide an affordable, safe, and supportive option for independent living for adults with I/DD and their supports. Some residents live in their own 1 bedroom apartment, or share a 2-bedroom unit with a friend. Residents also have the option share the costs of renting with more roommates and/or with a 24-hour in-home support of their choosing. Currently, the Detert Residences provide income-based housing to 64 adults with  I/DD and 30 caregivers. The units are all leased, and a waiting list has developed.

For those who do not live in the Detert Residences at Loveland Village, the opportunity to receive residential support in the home of their choosing is available. Loveland’s Supported Living services provides adults with I/DD the opportunity to live in the home of their choosing while receiving assistance with things such as housing selection, home management, cooking, money and medical management skills. For more information about Supported Living Services, please contact Janis Alberti, Programs & Services Officer, at Jalberti@lovelandcenter.com.