Spotlight on Mark Ionnatti, Staff Physical Therapist

The organization’s culture drew me to Loveland. Whether it be a staff member or a participant, the place exudes a culture of appreciation and of selflessness. From Day One, I was able to lean on any employee or participant for guidance, direction, or assistance and felt a strong sense of camaraderie. It truly is “A Loveland Thing.”

My favorite thing about working with the participants is that each encounter I have enriches my life.

physical therapist

2023 is going to be a Great Year! We have excellent leadership at Loveland within the Administrative Team and with Lauren as our Clinical Director. We are going to increase the number of participants to whom we can provide services and position ourselves to share our skills with the community at large. We are a “Can Do” operation and I am confident that Loveland will be proud of what is being created.

Mark’s advice: Keep walking the talk. Always do your best whether someone is watching or not. Do your best and do it joyfully. I see this throughout the organization and it’s AWESOME!