Wilson-Wood Foundation Funds Vans

The Wilson-Wood Foundation’s grant of $25,000 in August 2022 enabled Loveland to begin satisfying the demand of its Adult Day Training program, and it is also ensuring that our community members with intellectual and developmental disabilities are safe when traveling to and from community events, our center, and for after-program-hours opportunities.

Participants ride in comfort, knowing they will reach their destination safely and on time. Thanks to the Wilson-Wood Foundation, our new vans enable more participants to be out in the community. The vans are especially helpful for individuals who can transfer out of their chairs but need a vehicle low to the ground to transfer into.

Loveland prides itself on its continued quality control measures taken across all of its programs. All transportation staff are CPR/First Aid-certified and all vehicles are maintained regularly and equipped with first aid and other life-saving equipment. Loveland’s existing fleet can accommodate wheelchairs, transfers, and passengers who have other diverse needs.

Individuals with disabilities are twice as likely to live at or below the poverty line. The two new vans provide reliable transportation and participants have experienced 50% less load-time than other providers, as well as 75% less wait time. Rather than stopping frequently and spending so much time in transit, our participants are picked up and arrive within thirty (30) minutes.

Loveland’s after-school HERO program in North Port is also thriving thanks to the support of The Wilson-Wood Foundation. Seven participants are now coming to HERO due to transportation.